Simply find modern wedding sayings

If you are invited to a wedding, then you often want to congratulate with a wedding saying and thus at the same time contribute a little to the entertainment. But it is not always easy to think of a spell that is witty and suitable for the occasion. However, with a little preparation, you can find plenty of modern wedding sayings and wedding poems to celebrate at the party.

Modern wedding sayings for the wedding

At a wedding one likes to laugh and funny sayings are in demand. To congratulate the bridal couple in a humorous way in written or oral form is a good idea to contribute to the good mood. However, always respect should be kept and you should be sure that the newlyweds also understand humor. Some of the most popular modern wedding sayings include:

– The five most successful words in a marriage: Yes darling, you are right
– A man is incomplete without a wife. After the marriage he is finished.
– Thanks for the free beer. I wish you all the best on your wedding day.

On the Internet you can find many other sayings that can be cited or inspired to write your own poem.

Little wisdom from the groomsmen

While other guests do not necessarily have to say the best, the groomsman expects a meaningful saying or even a small speech. Since he usually knows the bride and groom well, he should choose personal words that refer to the bride and groom.

Modern wedding sayings for the avant-garde couple

While many couples dream of a traditional wedding, other old-fashioned traditions want to escape and make their ceremony alternative. If you are invited to such a celebration, it is advisable to respect the taste of the young couple. For example, one should opt for modern wedding sayings that are a perfect match for an alternative wedding. While one can quickly remember a classic quote about the wedding, it is often harder to come up with a modern quote. Therefore, you should begin early with the search to find wonderful modern wedding sayings for the greeting card or the table speech.

So you can find current sayings for each bridal couple

If you look for modern wedding sayings, they are often found in modern songs. For example, in the songs of Nena or Silbermond, you can find many wonderful lyrics that are perfect for a wedding spell. Also on wedding portals you can look for suitable modern sayings and sometimes find just the right thing. Some examples are:

  • – “The prince did not ride on a white horse it was more of a Ferrari, but there are two people fit in! Congratulations to the wedding!”
    – “You have the” super talent “for the marriage! My license to marry you anyway!”
    – “True love is today when the young husband takes over the cooking and the young wife washes the car.”

When choosing the spell you should always keep in mind the bride and groom, so that you can find words that both like and also suit you.

Opportunities to make spells

At every wedding there is ample opportunity to apply the sayings you have come up with. For one thing, the spell can of course be used on a greeting card. At the wedding you can congratulate after the wedding with a spell or give it at table for the best.

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