Possible wedding cakes in pictures

The most beautiful day in the life of the bride and groom, a detail can not be missing: the wedding cake. Beautifully decorated, it towers over several stories over the cake moment and sees the eyes of all guests on it until it is finally cut in a solemn act of the bride and groom together. Whether classical or unusual, with the wedding cake and its decoration proves individuality and gives the party a special touch.

Note: Order a book and be inspired by the images of the different wedding cakes. So it is easier for you to choose a suitable wedding cake or you even feel like baking your cake for the wedding.

Wedding Cake Pictures – Best possible arrangement with the pastry chef

At an early stage, you should make arrangements with the pastry chef as part of your wedding preparation. The wedding cake should of course be decorated in the colors of the wedding. This is usually a frosting used, which can be colored arbitrarily. Then it is the shape of the cake to determine. Classic round or in a fancy shape, pies can be created individually today and often resemble small works of art. You should pay attention to the following details:

  • -sufficient size in relation to the number of guests
    -pie design for decoration
    -ornament for wedding theme suitable

The result is a wedding cake that adorns the cake buffet and also looks perfect on the wedding photos.

So you choose the right wedding cake

In the circle of acquaintances one can inquire about good pastry shops that have experience with wedding cakes. There you can see photos of pies that have already been made by the pastry chef for weddings. This gives you an excellent inspiration for your own cake. The details can be worked out together with the pastry chef. This includes planning the cake figurine to be placed on the finished cake. From stair pies to shaped cakes, infinite design options are available today and make the selection more difficult.

Hochzeitstorte Bilder – Hier finden Sie die richtige Torte