Find extravagant wedding location for your dream wedding

The fantasy for your wedding location are known to be no limits. The fact that the decisive yes-word, however, can actually be from the top of the mountain to under water, may surprise you.

A imperial wedding location

After timely registration and reservation are various options to choose who want to be rewarded here and there, of course.

A classic among the extraordinary options for the wedding location is known Las Vegas. Here you can even in a drive-in chapel by Elvis personally – almost at least – to be married. Or you choose Mickey’s blessing and choose Disney World as your wedding location. But that’s a matter of taste, of course, much like in the US. Even creative minds have chosen the Grand Barrier Reef as a wedding location under water, and have voted in a hot-air balloon or even in a football stadium.

There are almost no limits to the ideas for the wedding location. When marrying becomes affordable in the universe, is still in the stars!

So you find the best wedding location

The search for the perfect wedding location should start well before the wedding. Once you know how many people will attend the celebration, it’s time to look for the perfect location. It can be a ballroom or a restaurant. In addition, some special locations such as castles and palaces offer festive rooms with a very special charm.

Note selection criteria

You can ask in the circle of acquaintances and also investigate the internet to find wedding locations that are eligible. Then it is time to visit the individual places and to inform themselves about the details. The following should be noted:

  • -romantic radiance
    -sufficient capacity
    -easy access for the guests
    -food offer

If you have found an attractive location with sufficient capacity for the planned number of guests, it is important to find out how the tables can be arranged. This detail is important to plan your own table arrangement.

Rehearsal dinner in the restaurant

When planning a restaurant as a wedding location, it is important to have a rehearsal dinner to convince yourself of the quality of the food. On site you can also put together a wedding menu and get a quote. If price, quality and the quality of the restaurant, you have found the ideal location for the wedding.

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