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  • December 24, 2018

Butterflies from banknotes for the perfect gift of money

Many bridal couples want a gift of money today to enable them to spend more. If you want to present such a gift in a nice way, you can fold banknotes into attractive butterflies that can be presented in various interesting ways. You should get new banknotes for this project if possible in order to achieve an optimal result. The folding work on this project is quite complex.

Video as a manual


So you can hand over the money butterflies

Once you have folded the butterflies, there are various ways to turn them into a particularly attractive gift that can cause a sensation. You can attach the banknotes to the lid of a box with cords, for example, so that they flap out when you open the box. Another nice idea is to put the money butterflies on a lucky tree. Folding the bills is a good idea.

No time to tinker

Here you will find a lot of great packaging that is ideal for handing over cash gifts to the newlyweds. Of course, you can also combine this packaging with the butterflies from banknotes.

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