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  • August 27, 2019

An intimate wedding – small but nice

If you want to celebrate a wedding, then come quickly more than 100 guests together. The family of the bride in groom, the circle of friends, the work colleagues, after all, one would like to have everyone on the big day and of course no one wants to offend anyone by excluding him. So if you want to celebrate a little wedding with just family and close friends, you have to be tough right from the start when it comes to creating the guest list. However, there are five good reasons for an intimate wedding.

Five reasons for an intimate wedding

1. More time for the guests

At a small wedding, the bridal couple can devote much more time to their guests. There is time for personal talks and special moments that will be remembered long after the wedding. In a small circle, the guests get into conversation with each other much faster, as a cozy atmosphere arises, which is hardly achievable in a large event of more than 100 people.

2. More budget for party favors and decoration

At the wedding costs are incurred for each guest. Eating and drinking are very important here. For a larger company, a larger location must also be rented. At a small wedding, you can have a bigger budget for each guest, which can be invested in pretty favors or a more elaborate decoration.

3. Realization of DIY projects

With a small wedding you have more time to take care of the smallest detail. The creation of place cards and other decorative items in DIY work or individual gifts can be realized much easier on a mini wedding.

4. Less wedding stress

Planning a small wedding brings much less stress than planning a big event. If you are looking forward to the hectic months before the wedding, you should opt for a small wedding.

5. Peaceful atmosphere for the bride and groom

In a big wedding, the couple is constantly under tension and hardly comes to a respite. Celebrate an intimate wedding, so the couple can enjoy the day optimally and collect many wonderful memories for a lifetime.

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