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  • December 24, 2018

DIY Place Cards

The beautifully laid wedding table naturally also includes table cards with which you can show each guest his place. The bride’s task is to place the guests at the individual table in such a way that conversations can arise quickly. As soon as the final guest list has been created, you can start preparing the place cards. Unfortunately, however, nice place cards are one of the little things that often cost money quickly.

There are a number of nice ideas for making such place cards yourself and saving money. You can also design the homemade place cards in such a way that colors and motifs perfectly match your own wedding. From elaborate handicraft projects to easy-to-implement place cards, there are no limits to the imagination in the design. If many guests are expected, crafting and labeling the place cards is often a major project. It is a good idea to get help from your friends. During a cozy evening of handicrafts, the project can go well with a glass of sparkling wine. The person with the most beautiful handwriting should be chosen to label the cards with their names.

These craft materials are required:

1.) colorful folding cards or brown folding cards

2.) colorful lace coasters or white lace coasters

3.) glue stick

4.) pens for labeling

If you want to create pretty place cards without having to do a particularly intensive handicraft, you can find an excellent idea on this video. The lace doilies are simply glued to the front of the folding card and then given the name of the guest. This place card can be tinkered quickly and still does not miss its elegant effect on the wedding table.

Video as a manual


No time to tinker

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