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  • December 23, 2018

The coronation – DIY Wedding Cake

If you are planning a DIY wedding, you can of course bake the wedding cake yourself. If you have a little skill in baking, you can prepare a wonderful cake yourself and surprise the guests with this special treat. If you want to make your work as stress-free as possible, you can spread the preparation of the cake over two days. The floors are baked on the first day and fillings and decorations are made on the second day. With such a schedule, even a three-tier cake is not a problem.

Choose the right recipe

Choosing the right wedding cake recipe is not that easy, as guests tend to have different preferences. An excellent way to offer the right thing for every guest is to design the individual floors of the cake differently. The bottom floor, which is the largest, should have the most popular taste, while on the small, top floor you can try something new. Of course, it is advisable to try out different recipes long before the wedding, which can be tasted and assessed by friends. If you have never prepared a wedding cake before, you should bake the whole cake before the festival so that small mistakes and problems can be identified and corrected.

The following video provides easy-to-follow instructions for a three-tier cake:

Decoration of the cake

The wedding cake is one of the highlights of the celebration and attracts a lot of attention. Therefore, it should not only taste good, but also be nicely decorated with the matching wedding cake decoration. You can work with flowers made from sugar or marzipan. In any case, it is worth buying a topper that is placed on the cake..

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