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  • January 1, 2019

Emergency Kit for the bride on the wedding day

The wedding day is perfectly planned and you are looking forward to this special day. It is important to take into account that something can go wrong and you should prepare yourself accordingly in the event of an accident. For this we recommend an emergency bag for the bride, an emergency basket for the women and men toilet and a first aid kit.

This should not be missing in the emergency bag for the bride

A lot of articles are packed in the bag that you need at short notice.

Here is a detailed list for the bride’s emergency bag:

  1. blister
  2. deodorant
  3. towelettes
  4. spare tights
  5. hairpins
  6. hair spray
  7. hand creme
  8. headache tablets
  9. lip balm
  10. lipstick
  11. Make Up
  12. sewing
  13. nailfile
  14. nail polish
  15. mints
  16. band aid
  17. safety pins
  18. pocket mirror
  19. tissues

The Maid of Honor usually carries the emergency bag for the bride.

Video as a guide


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