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  • August 26, 2019

The most beautiful engravings for the wedding rings

The wedding ring is one of the most personal and emblematic pieces of jewelry, since it is a symbol of the connection between two people. Engraving makes the wedding ring unique and directly related to the couple. That’s why wedding rings have been engraved for a long time. While it used to be difficult to create a detailed engraving using simple tools, even in soft gold, laser technology has made it easy today to apply even complex symbols or longer lettering to the ring.

That’s why today’s engravings can go far beyond traditional names and dates. Here’s how you can figure out which are the most beautiful engravings you can attach to your wedding rings.

Simple and classic: first name and wedding date

Traditionell werden die Eheringe mit einer Traditionally, the wedding rings are engraved on the inside, which includes both the couple’s first name and the date of the marriage. In the ring of the bride, the name of the man is first attached, followed by the name of the woman, while it is reversed in the groom’s ring. Sometimes this engraving is also applied to the side of the ring.

Romantic messages as a ring engraving

The engravings are mostly on the inside of the ring and are therefore protected from view. Therefore, you can also choose a very personal love message as an engraving motif, which you can carry daily like a small, hidden treasure with you. These can be quotes and sayings, but also a few very personal words that express the love of the partners. Many jewelers can also choose from many drawings and symbols that can also be engraved in the ring.

Examples of sayings for ring engraving

– My whole heart belongs to you
– Connected forever in love
– With our love, a dream becomes real
– True love never ends
– Give love forever

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