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  • February 5, 2019

A funny idea for the wedding: Hangover Kit for the newlyweds and the wedding guests

At the wedding, there are various surprises for the guests. Small favors are customary, with which you express your thanks at the end of the celebration. After all, they made an important contribution to making the wedding celebration a complete success. A great idea is a hangover kit that can be placed at the exit so that every guest can take the small gift home with them. You can easily make such a kit yourself, so that the cost of the gift is kept within limits.

Video as a manual

These articles are used

There is a lot of drinking and eating at the wedding and guests are often plagued by headaches and malaise the next day. So with the Hangover Kit you can give them exactly the items they need the next morning to feel better.

The following items are required:

Two bottles of water and aspirin effervescent tablets. With a little skill, these items can be combined into a nice gift. In addition to the water and the aspirin tablets, you need small organza sachets for the tablets, label paper, a printer, scissors and pens.

This is how the work is carried out

The first thing to do is to make pretty labels for the water bottles and label them with the words “Hangover Kit”. To do this, you can first remove the original labels from the bottle and use them as a template for the size of the label. It is best to design the label in the colors of the wedding. The labels can be produced easily and quickly with a computer program and a printer. Another possibility is to first cut out the labels from label paper and then paint and label them with colored pencils. When the labels are finished, they can be stuck on the water bottles. Then you put an aspirin effervescent tablet in an organza bag and tie it around the bottle necks. It’s so easy to work out this perfect idea and put a smile on the guests’ faces. The hangover kits should be set up so that they are clearly visible so that you can be sure that every guest can take their gift home with them.

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