Ruby Wedding – rare and beautiful

Today there are not many couples who are lucky enough to be able to celebrate the Ruby ​​Wedding together after 40 years of marriage. The name of this special wedding day comes from the deep red coloring of the magnificent gem, which symbolizes love. In a marriage that has lasted forty years, love shines in the same brilliant color as the gem and is just as indestructible as this. Anyone interested in esotericism knows that the ruby ​​also stands for fire, courage, vitality, love, passion and lust and is therefore a symbol for all the elements that make up a longstanding marriage. The ruby ​​is so well suited for the 40th wedding anniversary , it should also be used as a gift for the wife in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry, many couples can also put a ruby ​​on the wedding rings for this wedding day.

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Family party or time out for two

The Ruby Wedding is not necessarily an anniversary when a big celebration is expected. That is why many couples use this day to renew their togetherness and like to spend their anniversary as a couple. Most couples are already retired and have the time to go on a nice trip for the occasion. Adventurers in particular can book a trip to the Ruby mines in Myanmar, for example. Those who love it less exotic can of course also easily plan a nice dinner in a noble restaurant where they have long wanted to eat. It is important to choose an activity that both spouses will enjoy and at the same time is a special event that duly marks this wedding day. Today we can be proud of 40 years of successful marriage.

Ruby Wedding as a family celebration

Many couples love to celebrate beautiful family celebrations and also like to celebrate the ruby wedding with their loved ones. After 40 years of marriage, in most families the children are already married and there are grandchildren. Even an invitation in a small group quickly turns into a big party, to which several generations come together to celebrate with the jubilant couple. Such a day can be celebrated wonderfully with food and drink, wedding sayings and music. A good red wine with the color of rubies should not be missing on the holiday table and the decoration should of course also be chosen in deep red. The Ruby Wedding is all about the color of love, which will hopefully continue for many years.

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