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  • August 27, 2019

Smartphones at the wedding: allowed or forbidden?

Smartphones accompany us today in every way. In addition to communication, most devices with their modern cameras also make it possible to take beautiful photos. That’s why the smartphones are also used at the wedding to make personal souvenir photos beyond the official wedding photos. However, the constant interruptions of incoming text messages or calls from many couples are also distracting, which is why some bridal couples decide to ban the smartphones from their wedding.

Benefits of cell phones at the wedding

With the cell phones of the guests can create many great photos that can often not be captured by the wedding photographer in this way. Snapshots and snapshots are great for capturing the mood at the party. The photos can then be published on the wedding website. In addition, the photos of the mobile phone can also be easily sent to those people who could not participate in the party. For many guests it is also a great pleasure to get involved with the mobile phone at the wedding as a hobby photographer.

Benefits of the mobile phone ban on the wedding

However, mobile phones not only bring advantages, but also a number of disadvantages, which is why a mobile phone ban can be considered. However, you should already inform the guests of this ban on the invitation. The phones clearly distract the guests and while they are busy posting their photos or receiving messages, they often miss out on the best moments at the wedding. For the same reasons, entertaining people is much more difficult when everyone is busy with their smartphone. Therefore, the decision to consider a mobile phone ban will probably be considered.

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