Start Wedding Planning Now

The successful wedding planning of your own wedding is a challenge that requires many decisions. In the beginning, it is important to keep track and to become aware of what is central to successful wedding planning. Therefore, we present you here at the beginning of the essential 3 points, which each bride and groom meets in the wedding planning.

1) Planning

The most important decision at the beginning is whether you would like to “plan your own wedding” or if you would like to book a “wedding planner“. Should you decide to plan your wedding yourself, there are the following possibilities to carry out a successful planning:

Possibilities to plan your wedding yourself

  1. Wedding Checklist, 12-month Wedding Plan, Wedding Planning Mini Guide 
  2. Special Wedding Planner Notebook
  3. Wedding Planner Binder
  4. DIY Wedding Planner Binder
  5. Books for Wedding Planning
  6. Apps for Wedding Planning
  7. Kindle Books for Wedding Planning

Note: Here you will find detailed information about what costs you have to expect at a wedding.

Other important details for wedding planning

  1. Detailed Wedding Plan
  2. Daily Routine for the wedding
  3. Distribution of Tasks
  4. Suitable Season
  5. Select Color Theme
  6. Wedding Website
  7. Wedding Registy Online

Recommendation for all engaged couples – Notebook for Wedding Planning

We recommend a suitable notebook for successful wedding planning. This notebook is ideal for this. The great thing about this book is that you are guided step by step through all the necessary stages of wedding planning and can make your own notes in the book for all positions.

2) Find suitable service providers for the wedding

If you do not celebrate your wedding in the smallest family circle, you will need one or the other service provider for your wedding. In our business directory, you will find a large selection of wedding planning service providers.

3) Products – Articles you need for planning

In our online shop you will find a large selection of products and books you need for your wedding.

  1. Shop with over 10,000 products
  2. Books

Note: These are the top products you need at almost every wedding.



Other important tips for Wedding Planning

  1. Everything about wedding planning
  2. Plan the wedding in 30 day
  3. Wedding Cost Planner
  4. How much does a wedding cost
  5. Saving tips for the wedding

Note: In our business directory, book shop and online shop you will find all the necessary service providers and products to make your wedding a complete success.