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  • August 23, 2018

Tradition Bachelor party – women conquer men’s domain

The wedding is probably the most important day in the life of a woman and what is inevitably connected with this day, are traditional traditions. One of these traditions is the bachelor party, which has been celebrated for hundreds of years mainly by men and was organized as a farewell to bachelor life in various forms and is still today. Over the years and in the wake of the emancipation of women, more and more women celebrate their personal hen party today. The women have caught up with the men in this regard.

Where in the past the women at best sat together with a few friends and let the men go, the spit has turned nowadays. The Farewell of the Woman is a well-planned event for modern women and more than just tradition.

Organization of program, games and process in the smallest detail

Women are more meticulous in their organization than men, and they are pretty much planning the “last day in freedom”. Whether the classic: The pub crawl, or a short holiday trip to Mallorca. No maid of honor goes into a bachelorette party with best friends.

Planning is everything and therefore many bachelor party games and tasks are planned in advance, which the bachelor has to do this evening. Just as wedding games lighten the mood, so they accompany the group the whole evening. The funnier they are, the better. So that the wedding does not become a failure, the emergency brake should be pulled in time and be turned off at the latest after an ordered stripper the light.

It is no longer satisfied with the classic today. A little fancier bachelor party games may be but still enough to have enough variety and fun over the day. An extensive list of the best games and tasks for the bachelor party can be found here.

Just like a wedding, a bachelor party usually follows a program schedule. It is up to the witnesses to make this program as attractive as possible and varied. Whether a game of bowling, laser tag, paintball or a party ship, beer bike or brewery tour. Everything depends on the preferences of the future groom or future bride.

The fashionable dress at the Hen Party

In the field of fashion you can not fool the women. Most are always in the trend of the times, even before the men are even interested in a fashionable change. Depending on the intensity and planned activities this evening, the women choose their fashion exactly. Finally, they film and take photos, leaving memories of the past.

She is casual and casual, paired with individually designed hen party shirts and the imprint of the day. Disguises and very special outfits are more likely to be used by men.

Trendy, fashionable or disguised, they also roam the streets of the city center or combine their celebration with a short trip to well-known party locations such as Mallorca or Ibiza. Who does not know them, the funny outfits and the funny groups that encourage passers-by with their various games. The bachelor party has changed from a male traditional meeting to a lifestyle event for both sexes.

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