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  • March 16, 2020

Wedding Shopping Guide

When it comes to wedding planning, many things still need to be done before the big day. Especially the small things require a lot of effort and of course they have to be well planned. Many things have to be done – wedding decorations, gifts, wedding dress shopping, place cards, guest book, seating arrangements – now it is time to put all wishes and ideas into practice.

Bridal couples prefer to search and buy ideas and products online. There are especially popular shops and portals that couples love to visit. In addition, there are also particularly beautiful DIY projects that are particularly easy to put into practice. There is no need for special talents. Here you will find our shopping guide with the best ideas from Amazon, Ikea, …

The 10 best DIY IKEA wedding decoration ideas

Making your own wedding decoration is not only great fun, but also saves you a lot of money. At Ikea you will find lots of great materials for your DIY wedding decoration – from candles to picture frames. Here you will find the best 10 IKEA wedding decoration ideas that you can easily make yourself.

20 special Amazon Wedding Ideas

If you have already started planning your wedding, you will love to browse the Internet and look for the best inspiration for your dream wedding. As a bride you are looking for the most beautiful decoration ideas for the wedding, wedding dresses, DIY wedding ideas, and much more. Because the search proves to be very often, more difficult than expected. But to give you a small overview and make the search easier, we have put together the 20 most beautiful and best Amazon wedding ideas for you.

Top 10 Wedding Products you need for every wedding

Here you will find the Top 10 Products you need for almost every wedding.

15 Unique Wedding Ideas

Make sure your guests feel relaxed by preparing some great eye-catchers for them, such as wedding games, great unique decorations, candy and more. In this article we have collected the top 15 of the most unique wedding ideas for you and present them to you here.

Wedding products you need at every wedding

These are the top products you need at almost every wedding.

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