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  • May 1, 2018

The challenge between fashion and tradition: What is the mother of the bride wearing?

That a bride traditionally has to dress rather in white, also something blue and something old and something new should wear and the like, is well known. But what about the bride’s parents? Is there a dress code that needs to be considered? What should the bride’s mother wear and how does she prepare for the daughter’s wedding?

The focus is on the bride with her wishes

The wedding with all the planning and organization is in the hands of the bride. It is her big day, and her wishes should be taken into account. So when it comes to choosing the dress for the bride’s mother (and the bride’s father, of course), then the bride may be asked. Should she even. Because if you wish for your parents, who are not completely in the center of attention on the wedding day, but are very important, a certain clothes, then these wishes should also be implemented as far as possible. Of course, only in the context, so that the bride’s parents in the desired clothing also feel good – too short or too tight clothes, inappropriate colors or extremely unusual cuts is that you can defend yourself. Even bride-parents have a right to feel at home on the day of their daughter’s wedding.

A few colors should absolutely avoid the mother bride

There are a few colors that do not arrive well. White, cream and ivory, for example, are reserved for the bride, it’s her big day. If the bride’s mother wears one of these colors, she puts herself in the spotlight inappropriately. If the bride decides to wear a dress in a different color, such as a delicate blue, green or a bright red, then this color should also be taboo. Black is also not good, because this color is actually reserved for grief. The only exception are the men’s suits. And perhaps the unlikely event that the bride’s mother absolutely disapproves of her daughter’s choice and for that reason mourns on the wedding day. Suggestions for beautiful clothes can be found online on very different pages, usually cocktail and sheath dresses are proposed, for example here. But also the professional wedding organizers have tips and ideas. Incidentally, the bride’s father usually wears a suit.

It may be festive

In church weddings, the focus is usually more on the tradition, the celebration afterwards may be completed in a little less tiring, comfortable clothes. However, things are still going on there too. Traditional costumes are allowed, but not a must. Another matter is a civil marriage, which in any case is very, very solemn. In this case, the bride should wear chiffon, silk or satin. These fabrics radiate elegance in almost every color. The only fool: Nobody likes to be overdressed.

The right time to buy clothes

The bride and groom usually have the task of hosting the wedding for their daughter. This is at least traditionally the case, as some modern bride makes that sometimes itself. Still: The bride mother is the first contact person when it comes to the choice of location, the guest list, seating arrangements, music and entertainment, gift requests and the like. Even the menu allows her to plan. So it would be very awkward to wait until the last minute to buy clothes, because then, thanks to the time-consuming organization of this celebration, it will be stressful anyway. The right time to buy the Mother of the Bride dress is when the daughter is completely dressed and even the bride’s accessories are complete. Since the bridal gown is the first thing organized for the wedding, that’s a pretty early time. Since the gentlemen are less likely to interfere with the plans and have their “good suit” in the cupboard, the father of the bride probably does not have that kind of worries.

By the way, the bride’s mother should definitely involve the groom’s parents when organizing the wedding. Because they are important too! Maybe the two mothers can also agree on clothing so that they harmonize on the wedding photos. And of course, guest list and seating arrangements must be worked out together.

This applies to every mother of a daughter as part of the wedding preparations:

– purchase and advice of bridal gown, underwear, accessories
– planning the wedding from the location to the appointments to menus and seating arrangements
– create the guest list
– create and send invitations
– information Service
– pre-acceptance of early wedding gifts
– moral support of the bride
– decoration and flower arrangements


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